Eva Mae

When I was just 15 weeks pregnant with our first child we were told she would have Down Syndrome. We were terrified of the unknown, we were advised to have an abortion, but we made the best decision of our lives to keep her. Our perfect little bundle of joy, Eva-Mae, is now almost 3 years old!! She has brought nothing but happiness to our lives, everyone she meets falls in love with her and I wouldn’t change a thing!

> Eva lived with heart failure for the first 10 months of her life. She drank and ate so well, but struggled to gain weight as her heart condition caused her to burn so many calories. She caught any germ that came her way and it always went straight to her chest. For a long time we couldn’t go anywhere without her nebuliser and three times she was rushed to hospital barely breathing. Through it all she remained an absolute delight, fighting through and always remaining happy.

> We always knew that she would be behind her peers, but her heart set her back even more. At 10 months old she finally reached the goal weight of 6kgs and the heart surgeon agreed to operate. We flew to Cape Town and were blessed with the incredible Dr Susan Vosloo who trained under Dr Chris Barnard! The operation was terrifying, but extremely successful.

> Eva turned a huge corner after that and has not looked back since! In February 2015 we had a check up with the cardiologist and he said Eva is in perfect health and we would never have to worry about her heart again!

> At nearly 3 years old she can sit, crawl, climb, walk assisted and even says a few words and knows a few Makaton signs! She is incredibly entertaining, loves her reflection and has the best belly laugh! She has no discrimination against anyone and often tries to dive into strangers arms for a hug. She’s big on hugs! And kisses and high fives and fist bumps…and food!

> Bloom school has been the best thing that has ever happened to us all. She is thriving beyond our wildest dreams. Daily she surprises us with what she’s learning and retaining. I’m so so so very grateful to the phenomenal teachers, assistants and therapists that truly love her, challenge her and persevere each day to make sure she has everything she needs to be the best she can be. In the four short months she has been there she has developed so many new skills it’s hard to keep track. Our hope is for her to attend Bloom full time as we know how important early intervention is. And we’ve seen the results and, just as important, the love that flows out of this school. It’s next level amazing and I still can’t believe it’s on our doorstep!