From the Principals Heart April 2020


From the Principals heart… 

April 2020 

Covid Lockdown

The unnatural space of feeling a loss of freedom and uncertainty over what the future will look like after this is all over.

There has been a shift over the past few years as young teachers have begun their careers in teaching and a few of us older educators have seen the gaps within an educational system stuck in a backdated era. Although the world has progressed ahead at a rapid pace, our education system has unfortunately stagnated and continued in an industrial revolution era teaching style. Progressive educators have been exploring new things, educating themselves on holistic child approach to learning, and many are implementing resources within their classrooms that have been frowned upon in years gone by.

As a Bloom Team we are constantly being pushed to think outside the box, to push boundaries and try new things. Lockdown has forced us into even more creative and strategic thinking as we navigate how to not slow the progress we have made with our incredible students. I do believe through this COVID-19 pandemic that there is going to be a massive shift in our educational system, and this is going to be a celebration we see looking back upon this tragedy. All educators are currently being forced outside of their comfort zones! We are being forced to learn new skills, operate new tools and tap into new creative ways of thinking, preparing and executing in order to teach our students across a range of mediums. I do believe this will have lasting impact on what the children of this generation and those going forward will need to be set up for this new era we find ourselves in.

While these days are uncertain and life will probably never look, feel or be the same after COVID-19, this is not necessarily a bad thing! I personally believe it is what our future leaders need right now and God will always bring good out of a bad situation. I can see Him weaving a new era of teaching and learning into all of us during this time of isolation, stillness and redirection.

Hang in there, a new day will dawn soon….

Luke 1:78 – 80 MSG

“God’s Sunrise will break in upon us, Shining on those in the darkness, those sitting in the shadow of death, then showing us the way, one foot at a time, down the path of peace.”

 Big love