From the Principals Heart Jan 2021


Never did we believe in our lifetime we would live through something that would impact the world as severely as what we are currently facing as humanity. 2020 was a year of survival for many. As we faced the waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions, fear, and uncertainty we braced ourselves and believed if we could just get through the year we had succeeded! The WHO told us the virus hates heat and as a South African nation we believed we were through the worst and on the home straight!

Living in KZN with our beautiful tropical summer climate of humid hot days and nights in our summer months we believed we would see the threat of the virus become less and less until winter and hopefully by then there would be a cure! Little did any of us to believe the second wave would hit as hard as the first wave had threatened to do, and in our much-anticipated summer months!

So, we enter 2021 with much uncertainty and anxiety about the months ahead and how we adjust to being wise and responsible, yet not living in fear and hiding. We have to continue with life as the world cannot stop while we try get control of this unseen virus. As a Bloom Team we are even more aware of how much more vulnerable our children are yet also their great need for routine, structure, and a bit of normality in their days as they cannot comprehend the fullness of what is currently taking place and why their little lives have had to change so much.

Our team are delighted to welcome our little superhero’s back on site on the 1st February and we are trusting, hoping and praying for divine protection, grace and covering for our learners, staff, families and community as we navigate this new season and the ripple effects of change it is having on all of our lives, days and normality.

There are a few things we are clinging onto as a team!

Faith – What we hope for without yet seeing it fulfilled.

Hope – A feeling of expectation that this situation cannot last forever, and we anticipate COVIDs end!

Expectation – We have a strong belief that the joy and freedom of living will return and that this new normal is not forever!

Anticipation – We combine all of the above and anticipate that 2021will be a year of great miracles, adventure, laughter and love!

In Love