From the Principals Heart Aug 2020


From the Principals heart… 


There is no fear in love

‘Love is not finding fear a place on the couch in anyway. Love says to fear, “This resting place is totally taken.’’ Josiah Cullen (14 yr old diagnosed with ASD )

One thing that has become very apparent during 2020 is that love is a choice, and so is fear.

2020 has been such an inhale and exhale year. Moments that have caused us to inhale and hold our breath until the fear has passed and moments where much needed space to exhale has been given. I have found that while the world has been spinning and much fear has been projected through media houses, many have taken a step back to evaluate their lives and the world around them. The year has given humanity grace to reset itself.

As we enter back into being permitted to do the familiar once again I encourage you to take it slow, don’t slip back into old habits or feeling like you can never quite keep up. On the extreme opposite end don’t allow the fear of this virus to rob you of living today. This virus is here to stay, it is no more dangerous than when it first arrived and next year this time we are likely to still be using precautions. Live today well!!!

As I watch our children at play, I am constantly reminded to have faith like a child. To always hope, to love and live today to its full. I am so grateful for this year and all it has taught our hearts. I know it will be a year we look back on and see the fruits of all we were able to comprehend and change for the days ahead. May love lead us, and may fear be conquered! Thank you, God, for level 2 and all the victories we have seen!

In His love