March 2021

“Nothing grows in comfort.”


This has been the theme on my heart this term. Bloom is in a season of change, a season of growth, and a season of maturing. Each season comes with its own challenges and we have a choice to rise to them or allow them to engulf us.

If I look at the gift of pregnancy and a life forming in a mother’s womb, in order for that life to grow the mother has to embrace much pain, discomfort and uncertainty along the journey of growing that little life within her and trying to plan for life after birth. The joy of birthing new life into a new season makes the discomfort worth it!!

Bloom is currently in a season of change. We have seen much growth within our team, learners and little school! We are also having to say goodbye to a very special team member this month who has been a pioneer in the foundations of our ASD unit. It is uncomfortable and painful to make this adjustment but we know it is right for her for her next season and our team is ready to step up and take the baton from her as we forge forward into our new season.

I am sure many of you can identify with this space currently. So much has changed, so much is uncertain and while there are moments of great joy there is also moments of great discomfort and pain. Let us be encouraged that in it all we are growing and becoming better versions of ourselves. The cost is great but the transformation is priceless! Here is to birthing new seasons of influence and impact.