From the Principals Heart Jan 2021

   Never did we believe in our lifetime we would live through something that would impact the world as severely as what we are currently facing as humanity. 2020 was a year of survival for many. As we faced the waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions, fear, and uncertainty we braced ourselves and believed … Read more

From the Principals Heart Aug 2020

  From the Principals heart…    There is no fear in love ‘Love is not finding fear a place on the couch in anyway. Love says to fear, “This resting place is totally taken.’’ Josiah Cullen (14 yr old diagnosed with ASD ) One thing that has become very apparent during 2020 is that love is … Read more

The Khan Family

A LITTLE ABOUT US: We married in 2003 and Husain was born prematurely at 35 weeks in 2009. His Apgar scoring was normal and indicative of a normal child in good health. As Husain grew we noticed that certain milestones were delayed, in particular his speech, whilst other milestones where enhanced, in particular his affinity … Read more

From the Principals Heart July 2020

  From the Principals heart…  If you could choose to be anything…be kind “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23 During the weeks of lockdown I have felt very aware of how broken our world is and … Read more

From the Principals Heart June 2020

  From the Principals heart…    June 2020  Hope in Crisis /həʊp/ verb 1. want something to happen or be the case. “he’s hoping for an offer of compensation”    If you had told me in January that the world would look so different in June, I would never have believed you! What have we just lived through? … Read more

The Scheepers Family

A LITTLE ABOUT US: My first encounter with Bloom and Kingdom Kids was in 2017  when Kimber hired me to take the school photos. I was so blown away by the passion the staff had for the children and how safe they felt. Each and every child I photographed took a piece of my heart. … Read more

The Mkhize Family

A LITTLE ABOUT US: We moved to Ballito in 2014 from living the expat dream in Singapore and Jakarta. I was adamant that we would be here for 5 years and then would be moving on to other shores….and six years later we are going nowhere! The incredible Ballito community and lifestyle has well and … Read more

From the Principals Heart May 2020

  From the Principals heart…    April 2020  May 2020  Fear An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of dangerous, pain or harm. It has been 10 weeks of lockdown for schools. 10 weeks of highs and lows as we process that we are living through a worldwide pandemic, as we begin to wrap our … Read more

The Matos Family

A LITTLE ABOUT US: We have been living in Ballito for 10 years now and our son, Leandro was born in 2010.   He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2, although looking back I guess there were obvious signs from much earlier.  Of course it was a difficult thing to … Read more

From the Principals Heart April 2020

  From the Principals heart…    April 2020  Covid Lockdown The unnatural space of feeling a loss of freedom and uncertainty over what the future will look like after this is all over. There has been a shift over the past few years as young teachers have begun their careers in teaching and a few … Read more