The Khan Family


We married in 2003 and Husain was born prematurely at 35 weeks in 2009. His Apgar scoring was normal and indicative of a normal child in good health. As Husain grew we noticed that certain milestones were delayed, in particular his speech, whilst other milestones where enhanced, in particular his affinity for numbers, alphabets, memory and puzzle making. This led to medical examinations and specialist consultations and the discovery that our Husain was on the Autism spectrum. This left us devastated as parents and we had to search deep within ourselves to seek acceptance and find the best way forward to raise our child the best we could.


This long and emotional journey eventually led us to The Bloom Centre where we have found our home for Husain and his sacrosanct domain. Husain has been at Bloom for 3 years and we can confidently say that he loves going to school. We certainly cannot see him elsewhere.


Apart from his love for the school Husain most certainly feels safe, loved and his needs are being met at school. His sensory, emotional, communication, play and cognitive needs have improved since he has become part of the Bloom Family.


Husain has made tremendous progress in the last three years. Some of his greatest achievements are his ability to express himself and overcome his fears.  Husain is able to express himself through an improved verbal dictionary and he is able to contextualize words in their correct tense in sentence.  His ability to problem solve has also improved in leaps and bounds, eg. If he needs something from the top of the cupboard he knows that he needs to use a ladder of something to give him leverage to reach the top. Husain even surprised us when he was able to unlock a door by turning the key to disengage the lock. On a lighter note whilst this is a great source of joy it is also a cause for concern especially if he decides to go for a stroll unaccompanied.


As a family we had struggled for years to get him potty trained, during the lockdown this year Husain was able to become confident to start using the toilet. This has been such a great victory for us.


We are grateful to the Bloom Centre for helping Husain and us achieve these victories as without the schools sense of love, compassion, mentoring, dedicated staff and an integrated and team environment our Husain would not be where he is today.


There is so much advice that can be given to parents with special children but not everything works for everyone. The key is patience and perseverance and every situation demands its own unique and special approach. Also keep the family context in mind.


Through these difficult times as parents and Muslims we have turned increasingly to our noble Quran as it was our best source of comfort and hope.  Our creator would never place before us a trial which was too heavy for us to endure.

And know that your properties and your children are but a trial and that Allah has with him a great reward” Al-Quran 8; 28