The Mkhize Family



We moved to Ballito in 2014 from living the expat dream in Singapore and Jakarta. I was adamant that we would be here for 5 years and then would be moving on to other shores….and six years later we are going nowhere!

The incredible Ballito community and lifestyle has well and truly stolen our hearts and cemented us here. I am English, my husband is a Westville Boy. We got married in 2015, had Paddy our first born in November 2016, and then completed our family with Charlie in April last year.

As a Speech therapist with experience in the Paediatric field, I have always had a passion for integration and inclusive education. We hit gold when in 2014 I got involved in Bloom and then soon discovered that Kingdom Kids was at the very heart of this amazing integrated setup. As a family we feel very strongly that differences should be celebrated and what better way to introduce this to our children then to enrol them in a preschool where they get to be surrounded by learners with all sorts of different strengths and challenges, and learn from a young age that our differences are what make us unique and beautiful. We feel that in society there are barriers that need to be broken down around difference, and that people’s reactions often come from a place of uncertainty and inexperience. How lucky are we that our children get to be exposed to difference from so young, which we hope will open their minds and hearts in a way that will help pave the way for others to follow and create a new ‘normal’.

We absolutely love the small class that Kingdom Kids provides for our boy. We also love the benefits of a mixed age class, as this emphasises that we can all learn from each other, despite our age. I am fortunate enough to work in the office on site, which is such a treat as I get to be ‘a fly on the wall’ for many moments around Paddy I would otherwise miss, and I can honestly say it is such a privilege to have our Paddy at Kingdom kids. There is a strong Christian Ethos at the school, which is not necessarily my cup of tea, but I can see provides a solid moral foundation for the children which can only be an advantage. There is a big focus on play which is what we were looking for in a Preschool for our boys. 

The bonds developed between the Kingdom Kids and Bloom children is heart warming to see and I love that a lot of the classes are integrated. I am blown away by the dedication and commitment of all the staff. Paddy has thrived and flourished since being at Kingdom Kids (and that’s in the space of three months- he started in January 2020 and then COVID 19 happened….) and most days when it comes to home time he doesn’t want to leave.

So if you are looking for a small, nurturing, individualised, integrated set up where your child will be loved hard by their teacher and taught strong and very meaningful life lessons from a young age then Kingdom Kids is the perfect set up for you.