The Scheepers Family


My first encounter with Bloom and Kingdom Kids was in 2017 

when Kimber hired me to take the school photos. I was so blown away by the passion the staff had for the children and how safe they felt. Each and every child I photographed took a piece of my heart.

I first met Kimber when we attended our first church service at Olive Tee North Coast that same year. We had just moved to Ballito and had no idea which school to even begin with. She told me about Kingdom Kids, however, my daughter was too young at that stage. I was yet so excited about the fact that it was a Christian environment and that is very important to us. As soon as she was old enough, I enrolled her and she was very happy. In her two years of attendance we discovered that she had some learning challenges and the Kingdom Kids team worked with us with such understanding, and we were supported in every step. With my son joining the school this year, we have walked the same path and were met with the same understanding and even more patience.

I have seen such growth in my children, and know that the environment in which they spend the majority of their time, has had a lot to do with moulding of the little people they are becoming. With the exposure to all kinds of personalities, I have seen an advancement in their level of understanding as well as empathy, and see such an advantage in that experience.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but every time I question whether they are in the right place, I find it even harder to take them out. They are so loved, and each child is understood and treated as an individual. Every victory is celebrated, and every challenge is handled with such care. I can’t imagine what the staff have to face every day, but they do it with love, passion and a big smile.

One of my favourite quotes is “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Our children are watching, it’s up to us to help mould the people they will become.”