The Talbot Family

Our Kingdom Kids journey

In 2017 our family decided to move from Hillcrest to Ballito and I was looking for a lovely preschool for our then 3-year-old, Laila. Since we didn’t live in the area, I asked on a Facebook information group for recommendations for a lovely, Christian based preschool in Ballito/Salt Rock and Kimber commented with Kingdom Kids. Since I noticed that we had many mutual friends I contacted her, and we made the decision to send Laila to Kingdom Kids after a little visit to see the school. Best choice ever.

Not only is Laila super happy and thriving there, she gets the opportunity to play with the beautiful Bloom children every day.  I love that she gets to develop key life skills like empathy, compassion and relational skills in interacting with those differently abled to her.

Kingdom Kids is such a safe, happy environment where learning is fun, play is highly valued (as it should be in preschool) and friendships grow deep because it is a smaller class environment.

We are so thankful we discovered this little gem of a school and so happy our Emily will be joining in next year too!